Life Skills Lab

The Life Skills Lab replicates various environments, allowing patients to gain experience negotiating these settings.

The Lab helps the transition from hospital to home, allowing therapists and caregivers to assess our patients' ability to perform practical tasks, while improving their independence and safety.

Quick Facts about Innovative Technology

Airline seats: We offer realistic airline seating to practice navigating through the seats of an airplane.
Grocery store simulation: The simulation helps patients reach higher cognitive levels through money management, social interaction and mobility.
This is an extension of our Reintegration Program (that includes community setting preparation and readiness). It's in line with the intention of mobility course, and things like our kitchen lab.

Other Innovations

Rehab staff member assisting an elderly man in walking
Patients can evaluate their mobility and ability to traverse different terrain types.
Patient using the Alter-G treadmill
Allows movement that's normally not possible using air pressure technology to decrease weight.
Allows those who have lost hand and arm movement to perform everyday activities.
Nintendo Wii Fit and XBox Kinect allow for fun, interactive and therapeutic exercises for patients.