An innovative way to make therapy time fun!

The Nintendo Wii Fit and XBox Kinect systems provide a fun and interactive way to do therapeutic exercises with our patients. We use gaming systems to facilitate goals such as improving joint movement, muscle toning, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness.

Assistant teaching two people how to play chess

Quick Facts about Innovative Technology

Increases patient's flexibility, strength and hand-eye coordination
Some features address specific physical therapy needs of patients with neurological damage and back problems

Other Innovations

Music Glove with Display
Occupational therapists use this sensorized glove to promote hand function.
Patient using the Bioness Integrated Therapy System
Helps those affected with such neurological disorders as stroke or traumatic brain injuries.
Doron Simulator
A cost-effective, accurate tool to assess driving skills.
FEES Technology
We assess swallowing with Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing technology.