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Rehabilitation Therapy: Our Goal Is To Get Patients Back Home

Our mission is to rebuild lives together with individuals, families and communities by providing exemplary patient care services for those with physical and cognitive disabilities in Hawaii and the Pacific, utilizing a continuum of rehabilitation services that are advanced through education, technology and research.

REHAB is committed to helping those who have suffered a severe stroke; got into an accident that damaged their spinal cord; sustained a traumatic brain injury; or have complications resulting after knee or hip surgery. We strive to help patients reach optimal health and independence.

We offer a full array of services in our hospital, Physicians Clinic and three outpatient clinics, to help rebuild the lives of our patients through rehabilitation therapy:

Physical Therapy: Care centered around hands-on techniques and programs tailored to treat a wide variety of functional limitations

Occupational Therapy: Assists with skills to improve the ability to perform activities of daily living such as eating, bathing and dressing

Speech Therapy: Specializes in aspects of cognition, communication and swallowing disorders

Recreation Therapy:  Specializes in community reintegration and getting patients back to doing what they enjoy doing.

Recover Faster with REHAB

If you’ve survived a traumatic injury or illness, the highest level of care is available right here in Hawaii. At REHAB, we have a comprehensive team of rehabilitation nurses, doctors and therapists, along with some of the best rehabilitation technology and programs in the world. See how REHAB can get you back home sooner.