Doron Simulator

The system allows occupational therapists to evaluate reaction and threat recognition skills and identification of unsafe driving practices. The simulator is a non-threatening and highly accurate tool for conducting assessment and rehabilitation of physically challenged individuals as well as patients with brain-related injuries and impediments. It's an excellent tool for evaluating geriatric patients as well.

Doron Simulator

Quick Facts about Innovative Technology

Enables challenged individuals to be functionally assessed and rehabilitated.
Driving skills can be assessed or practiced in a zero-risk environment.
Comprehensive program guide, with an array of sample tests and diagnostic reports, developed in close collaboration with leading hospitals and rehabilitation centers.
Doron’s exclusive normative data to support complete client evaluation
Driver Analyzer feature that enables instructors to evaluate driver’s ability to stop their vehicle.

Other Innovations

client and staff using equipment
REHAB is the first and only Healthcare Facility in Hawaii able to offer this body composition and body water analyzer technology. 
C-Arm attached to bed
A high-resolution X-ray that delivers precise pain relief treatments to the spine and neck.
OPTEC 5000PC Vision Screener
Allows occupational therapists to evaluate driving vision.
CTS 2000 & MR-20
Used as part of our pelvic floor rehabilitation and cancer program to measure pelvic floor muscle strength.