CTS 2000 & MR-20

Pelvic floor stimulation (PFS) is a nonsurgical treatment option for women and men with urinary or fecal incontinence. Urinary incontinence is a common condition and can have a substantial impact on a patient's quality of life. This technology utilizes biofeedback to trigger or activate muscles. By giving the patient a visual tool (like making a rose open and close), physical therapists help guide patients through strengthening muscles or downtraining the muscle (in cases where muscle is held too tightly).

CTS 2000 & MR-20

close up of the CTS 2000 & MR-20

Quick Facts about Innovative Technology

Treatment combined with pelvic floor muscle exercises and bladder or bowel training exercises
Improved quality of life
Treatment done at comfort level of each patient

Other Innovations

client and staff using equipment
REHAB is the first and only Healthcare Facility in Hawaii able to offer this body composition and body water analyzer technology. 
C-Arm attached to bed
A high-resolution X-ray that delivers precise pain relief treatments to the spine and neck.
OPTEC 5000PC Vision Screener
Allows occupational therapists to evaluate driving vision.
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