InBody 770

The InBody does a 60-second Body Composition Analysis using Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) method. This method measures your body's composition as individual components (i.e. muscle, fat and water) to assess health and nutrition. Basically electrical currents are sent through the body to give the most accurate measurements.

Quick Facts about Innovative Technology

Pain-free and quick measurement of fat mass, muscle mass and body water levels in less than a minute without dunking, pinching or discomfort.
It can be used for anyone as it provides a quick measurement to assess someone's health and assists with developing an exercise program according to the results.
Eliminates estimations in calculating your body composition, results are more accurate and defined.
Helps to screen and monitor patients at risk for or with lymphedema which is a condition where we can have excess swelling in our body for some reason or another.

Other Innovations

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A high-resolution X-ray that delivers precise pain relief treatments to the spine and neck.
OPTEC 5000PC Vision Screener
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Doron Simulator
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CTS 2000 & MR-20
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