FEES Technology

Have you ever had difficulty swallowing, frequent coughing, or had to constantly clear your throat when eating or drinking? If you answered yes to any of these, you may benefit from an evaluation of your swallowing function.

In this procedure, a small camera is used to assess swallowing while a patient eats and/or drinks. This evaluation allows direct viewing of the throat without the use of radiation. Upon completion of the procedure, our speech therapists will provide immediate recommendations, including modification of food and/or liquid and strategies to make it easier and safer to swallow.

nurse helping a patient while looking at a laptop

Quick Facts about Innovative Technology

One session will take about 30 minutes in it's entirety. This includes a 15-minute procedure, followed by a 15-minute evaluation and recommendations from your Speech therapist.
Most patients do not report any pain during or after the procedure. There may be some slight discomfort, such as watery eyes or a runny nose.
Very cost-effective procedure

Other Innovations

A safe, effective treatment for those experiencing difficulty swallowing.
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