The Anti-Gravity Treadmill, or AlterG, helps patients regain mobility, develop strength and fitness, and increase their range of motion and natural movement — all while minimizing stress on injuries. The Alter-G uses differential air pressure technology to provide an environment of weightlessness for mobility and ambulation training.

Patient walking on the Alter-G treadmill


  • Aerobic conditioning
  • Gait training with neurological patients
  • Strength conditioning
  • Rehab post injury/surgery of lower extremity
  • Balance training

Quick Facts about Innovative Technology

Patient's body weight can be decreased down to 20% in Alter-G, thus reducing pressure on joints. This is effective for patients with arthritis or that are recovering from leg surgery. It also provides a fall-safe environment for older patients.
Having less weight to bear while exercising also builds patient's confidence to stand on one leg, encouraging longer strides without the fear of buckling or falling. Weight can be gradually increased over time until a full recovery is made by the patient.
Assists neurological patients with gait training and strengthening.
Helps prevents injuries for specific conditioning and fitness improvement programs like REHAB Strong.

Other Innovations

client and staff using equipment
REHAB is the first and only Healthcare Facility in Hawaii able to offer this body composition and body water analyzer technology. 
C-Arm attached to bed
A high-resolution X-ray that delivers precise pain relief treatments to the spine and neck.
OPTEC 5000PC Vision Screener
Allows occupational therapists to evaluate driving vision.
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