A custom, portable and lightweight arm brace that assists with movement of the elbow, wrist and hand.

The Myomo mPower NeuroRobotic System can help individuals progress from basic motor training to more complex movement patterns. Using sensors to detect the muscle activation, Myomo allows patients to initiate and control movement of their arms.

Quick Facts about Innovative Technology

Rehabilitate by muscle re-education
Allows patient to perform daily activities such as eating and reaching independently
Maintain or increase range of motion
Decrease muscle tone

Other Innovations

Bioness Foot Drop system
Helps those with neurological conditions walk naturally, with improved speed and balance.
Bioness Technology
Grasping and opening and closing the hand are all possible with this wireless hand rehabilitation system.
patient using grocery simulation
Allows those with cognitive or physical impairments to safely practice life skills.
Doron Simulator
A cost-effective, accurate tool to assess driving skills.