Bioness H200

The Bioness H200 delivers low-level electrical stimulation to activate nerves that control muscles in the hand and forearm. It helps re-educate weak or paralyzed muscles to improve the ability to reach, grasp or pinch, which leads to increased freedom and independence for patients.

Bioness Technology

Quick Facts about Innovative Technology

Increase active range of motion and hand function
Reduce muscle spasms and spasticity
Improve voluntary movement
Increase motor recovery/control and muscle re-education
Reduction of contractures
Prevent/retard disuse atrophy
Increase local blood circulation

Other Innovations

Music Glove with Display
Occupational therapists use this sensorized glove to promote hand function.
Allows those who have lost hand and arm movement to perform everyday activities.
patient using grocery simulation
Allows those with cognitive or physical impairments to safely practice life skills.
Bioness Technology
Grasping and opening and closing the hand are all possible with this wireless hand rehabilitation system.