We Are REHAB: Lynn’s Story

Lynn Taguma
Wednesday, June 29, 2022

“iCare was a turning point in my life and I wouldn’t be where I am today without REHAB.”
- Lynn Taguma, Breast Cancer Survivor


We Are REHAB: Lynn’s Story

When I walk into REHAB, I feel like I’m in my second home. This place has been a part of my life for nearly a decade and I keep coming back because of the awesome people and the important role REHAB played in my recovery journey.

I first started going to REHAB after surviving breast cancer. After undergoing cancer treatment, I joined REHAB’s iCare cancer exercise study, which offers free personalized training and evaluates the impact of exercise on the health, fitness, and quality of life of cancer survivors like me. 

The experience was rewarding in so many ways. I bonded with other cancer survivors and built lasting connections with REHAB and the caring and knowledgeable therapists who work there. The staff became like family to me and I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.

Through iCare, REHAB gave me hope and a path forward. In the program, I was able to safely progress from having trouble walking down a hallway to walking around a city block. It seems like such a simple thing, but it was an incredible milestone for me. My participation in the iCare study also meant so much to me because it was an opportunity to give back to the next generation of cancer survivors.

My therapy needs have changed since iCare, but I’m so glad I get to continue my REHAB journey with REHAB Strong classes. I love the staff and their programs so much that I drive all the way from Sunset Beach–sometimes fighting traffic for hours–to be there for weekly classes.

Today, I am healthy, strong and enjoying retirement. I am forever grateful to REHAB for supporting me after breast cancer and welcoming me to this remarkable community.

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