Gyrotonic Equipment

This unique system incorporates principles from yoga, dance, gymnastics and tai chi. Depending on an individual's assessment, components of the Gyrotonic exercise method may be incorporated into the rehabilitation program. The Gyrotonic System is a sophisticated system of weights and pulleys that help retrain the body-mind connection and coordinate movement of the spine/trunk, pelvis and shoulder.

two Gyrotonic Systems

Quick Facts about Innovative Technology

Certified Gyrotonic Instructors on staff. Instructors must complete an intensive series of training sessions
Re-learn movement patterns through mindful, rhythmic exercise sequences.
Improved posture, spinal alignment and core control

Other Innovations

client and staff using equipment
REHAB is the first and only Healthcare Facility in Hawaii able to offer this body composition and body water analyzer technology. 
C-Arm attached to bed
A high-resolution X-ray that delivers precise pain relief treatments to the spine and neck.
OPTEC 5000PC Vision Screener
Allows occupational therapists to evaluate driving vision.
Doron Simulator
A cost-effective, accurate tool to assess driving skills.