Starting in 2012, we embarked on an extensive renovation of our hospital that helps support our mission of rebuilding lives together.

Upgraded Facility Enhancements

  • Hurricane-resistant windows installed for emergency preparedness in the event of a natural disaster during Hawaii's hurricane season 
  • Fire prevention system compliant with applicable National Fire Prevention Agency codes for hospitals
  • Air conditioning system replaced to improve air quality and comfort for patients and staff 
  • Installation of in-floor medical scales that provide easy and safe access for patients to use
  • Hallway flooring pattern strategically measured out in 10-feet increments, so therapists can see how far a patient travels without having to put out freestanding cones, which could get in the way

Specialized Patient Room Features

  • Infection control room with negative air ionizers reduce the spread of infection
  • Lifts and environmental controls installed in rooms that serve those with spinal cord injuries, so patients with limited mobility can practice their independence

Engaging Family and Friends in Recovery

  • Family Activity Rooms were added to patient floors so families and friends can socialize together, and patients have another area outside of their rooms to work with therapists.
  • Healing Garden for patients and their families to relax.
  • Mobility Course designed for patients to get acclimated and practice moving across different surfaces when in wheelchairs, fitted with new prosthetics or other adaptive equipment.
  • Additional Single Rooms provide patients with privacy as they heal, and also support REHAB's Ohana Program.  The Ohana Program is intended for children and patients that do not reside on Oahu so that family members can support the patient's recovery during their stay.
  • Transitional Living Unit designed helps therapists teach patients self-help skills to prepare them for their return home.

Expanded Program Spaces

  • Brand new hospital-based Physicians Clinic allows us to provide high quality care to patients upon discharge. Patients can see their physician, have therapy and participate in REHAB Strong all on the same campus.
  • Vision Center for patients with neurological conditions and brain injuries.
  • Speech and Communication Center for patients with disorders that impact their ability to speak, swallow, or impair their cognitive and expressive skills.

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Renewed Facilities

REHAB is proud of our commitment to our patients, their families, and the community. We've transformed our hospital to better meet the needs of those who've suffered from serious injuries or illness.

Other Innovations

Rehab staff member assisting an elderly man in walking
Patients can evaluate their mobility and ability to traverse different terrain types.
Patient using the Bioness Integrated Therapy System
Helps those affected with such neurological disorders as stroke or traumatic brain injuries.
FEES Technology
We assess swallowing with Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing technology.
Bioness Foot Drop system
Helps those with neurological conditions walk naturally, with improved speed and balance.