Others Treated My Injury, REHAB Treated Me

In the prime of his life, Kurt Tateishi was an industrial worker who enjoyed diving, fishing and pottery. All this changed after he was hit in the head with a steel beam while on the job, causing him to fall 15 feet from a ladder and suffer a Traumatic Brain Injury. After seeking care at multiple hospitals and spending six months in rehabilitation in California, Kurt returned home to Hawaii using a walker. He figured this was as good as it was going to get. Or so he thought.

Kurt came to REHAB to continue his therapy as an outpatient and started painting in the Creative Arts Program. He felt comfortable and made new friends. Everyone had a good time and supported each other. Today, Kurt stands tall and walks independently. He is proud of his work and has resumed throwing pottery.

"I was never compassionate before my accident, but since then, I've changed," Kurt says. "Other hospitals treated my injury, REHAB treated me. I have returned to REHAB as a volunteer to help start a ceramic program for other patients."