A New Normal - The Story of Sarah White

Sarah White is an energetic graduate of Punahou School and double major in mathematics and psychology from Williams College in Massachusetts. While making plans for graduate school, and only days after her 25th birthday, Sarah suffered a debilitating hemorrhagic stroke resulting from an arteriovenous malformation (AVM) and aneurysms.

Paralyzed on her right side, Sarah had to undergo two brain surgeries, five weeks in Neuro-Intensive Care and more than four months of extensive inpatient speech, occupational and physical rehabilitation to relearn “everything”. Today, Sarah visits REHAB for outpatient therapy and is active in the REHAB Creative Arts Program.

“I moved home after my stroke and happy REHAB has made my mind and body stronger. I love painting and being part of the arts program. Each day is a new chapter for me, and I think life is grand.”

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