Your Care Team

Rehab staff member talking with spinal cord rehabilitation patient

Recovery and Support

REHAB uses an interdisciplinary team approach when developing care plans. This team consists of a physiatrist (rehabilitation doctor), physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech & language pathologist, recreational therapist, nurse, care coordinator, neuropsychologist and dietitian, who all provide one-on-one therapy.

Caregiver Training 

caregiver helping to rehabilitate young injured man To ensure the best and safest recovery upon discharge and a safe transition back home and in the community, we also provide:

  • Caregiver Training: Caregivers and family members are provided with at least three hours of Caregiver Education and Training (CET) prior to discharge to offer personalized instruction.
    • For example, we may dedicate more training time for caregivers of elderly SCI patients to help with transfers to the bed or pushing a wheelchair.
    • For younger and more active patients, we may spend more time helping them build skills for independent living and training caregivers to support their independence.