What to Expect

Assistant helping man's arm


Our Brain Injury Program provides acute rehabilitation for patients who have sustained traumatic brain injury. We provide a comprehensive and individualized plan using an interdisciplinary team approach, working closely with patients and their families/caregivers to address specific needs and goals. Our patient-centered care model is focused on patients to maximize their potential. The REHAB staff also includes Certified Brain Injury Specialists (CBIS) who have the expertise and knowledge to work with special needs following a brain injury.

Length of Stay

Our team will assess and make recommendations based on each patient’s needs. There are various factors that impact the length of stay at REHAB, but on average, participants stay about 3-4 weeks in the program. For example, a brain injury patient who can walk may stay for only 5-10 days, while another patient who can only partially walk may have a 2-3 week stay.

Therapy Schedule

Initial therapy assessments are performed on the day of admission. Each patient will receive: 

  • At least 3 hours of intensive therapy daily (in total for a day). This includes physical, occupational, speech and recreational therapy 
  • Therapy sessions may occur between 6:00AM - 5:30PM 
  • Minimum of 5 days per week. Schedules will be provided to each patient on a daily basis. Staff will encourage patients to remain active throughout the day
  • Other therapy assessments may be completed if requested by the interdisciplinary care team:
    • Medical assessment
    • Nutritional assessment, or
    • Leisure interest assessment

General Rehablitation Schedule

REHAB takes pride in our process of providing care plans suited for each patient's individual needs and optimal recovery. Below is a sample of milestones a patient may expect as part of their traumatic brain injury rehabilitation program experience, keeping in mind that, every patient’s plan will be impacted by factors such as insurance, family/caregiver involvement; severity of injury, home environment, etc).   

General Schedule

  • Admission
  • Patient Assessments:  Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy,  Recreational Therapy
  • Full Therapy Schedule 
  • Meet with neuropsychologist
  • Participate in Inpatient Brain Injury Support Group
  • Caregiver training (may start earlier; based on patient goals and needs)
  • Reintegration Program (e.g., home assessment, if needed)
  • Discharge planning/Discharge
  • Initiate evaluation/assessment for Adaptive Equipment (if needed)
  • Initiate evaluation/assessment for Wheelchair ….(if needed)
  • Start therapy in Outpatient clinic (frequency of therapy is determined by therapist)
  • Brain Injury Support Group Meeting (monthly)