What to Expect

Rehab patient for orthopedic rehabilitation


Patients often find that their treatment at REHAB is more intense than what they would expect at a typical acute care hospital. This is because we focus on teaching and promoting independence with functional activities done at home.

Length of Stay

REHAB team will assess and make recommendations based on each individual patient’s needs. The typical length of stay will be less than 7 days. 

Therapy Schedule

Initial therapy assessments are performed on the day of admission. Each patient will receive: 

  • At least 3 hours of intensive daily physical and occupational Therapy
  • Therapy sessions may occur between 6:00AM–6:00PM 
  • Minimum of 5 days per week. Schedules are provided to each patient on a daily basis. Staff encourages patients to remain active throughout the day
  • Other therapy assessments may be requested by the interdisciplinary care team, for example:
    • medical assessment
    • nutritional assessment, or
    • leisure interest assessment

REHAB takes pride in giving patients a care plan suited for their individual needs and optimal recovery.

Below is a sample of what a patient may expect as part of their orthopedic rehabilitation program experience with REHAB:

Pain Management

REHAB physicians and staff will work with patients  to optimize pain control, including using a combination of oral medications, ice and therapeutic exercise.

Discharge Planning

REHAB team will help schedule a follow-up appointment with patients' physician, so they may continue therapy treatment as an outpatient.

Day 1

  • Admission
  • Physical Therapy Assessment (mobility skills, etc.)

Day 2

  • Occupational Therapy Assessment (bathroom safety, etc.)

Day 3

  • Typical Therapy

Day 4

  • Typical Therapy

    Day 5

    • Discharge preparation

    Day 6

    • Discharge

    Day 11

    • Outpatient Therapy

    Day 18

    • Physician Clinic Visit
    • Outpatient Therapy