How Does Billing Work?

Many health plans cover a large portion of rehabilitation therapy services. Our Patient Financial Services staff help verify coverage and make sure patients know what services are covered by insurance, as well as what they may be financially responsible for as a REHAB patient.

What to Bring?

To help verify coverage and prepare a REHAB account in advance, patients should bring:

  1. Insurance card 
  2. Identification card (or similar government-issued proof of identification)

Accepted Health Plans

Below is a list of contracted insurance and managed-care health plans that REHAB works with. If a particular insurance carrier is not listed, please contact our Patient Financial Services for more information.

  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield
  • Hawaii Electricians
  • HMAA (Hawaii Management Alliance Association)
  • HMSA (PPO, HMO and FEDERAL Plans)
  • HMA Inc. 
  • Medicare
  • MDX Hawaii
  • No Fault carriers
  • Pacific Administrators/Hawaii Laborers
  • TriWest (Champus)
  • UHA (University Health Alliance)
  • Veteran’s Affair (VA)
  • Workers’ Compensation Carriers
  • Managed Care Medicare (Medicare Advantage Plans)
    • AARP UHC Medicare Complete
    • Alohacare Advantage
    • UHC Medicare Community Plan
    • HMSA Akamai Advantage
    • HUMANA
    • OHANA Medicare
  • Managed Care Medicaid (Quest and Integration)
    • Alohacare
    • HMSA
    • United Healthcare Community Plan
    • Ohana

Financial Assistance Program

Consistent with our mission and values, REHAB is committed to providing financial assistance to patients who need medically necessary rehabilitative healthcare services, but are unable to pay. Our Financial Assistance Program allows uninsured and underinsured patients meeting eligibility requirements to receive financial support for eligible medically necessary care.

To determine eligibility for financial assistance, an Application for Financial Assistance must be completed and submitted. We will review the information to determine if the patient qualifies for assistance under our financial assistance program or if there are other governmental programs that we may assist the patient in applying for.

To learn more, patients can obtain our Financial Assistance Policy, Application for Financial Assistance and Financial Assistance Summary free of charge either:

Please contact Patient Financial Services for more information or if assistance is needed to complete the Application for Financial Assistance.


Patient Financial Services
Ph: (808) 544-3340
Monday - Friday | 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM