Innovative Technologies

We use innovative technologies and therapies to assist with orthopedic rehabilitation.

Innovative Technologies

  • Expand Alter-G panel

    The Anti-Gravity Treadmill, or Alter-G, helps patients regain mobility, develop strength and fitness, and increase their range of motion and natural movement — all while minimizing stress on injuries. The Alter-G uses differential air pressure technology to provide an environment of weightlessness for mobility and ambulation training.

    Patient walking on the Alter-G treadmill


    • Aerobic conditioning
    • Gait training with neurological patients
    • Strength conditioning
    • Rehab post injury/surgery of lower extremity
    • Balance training
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  • Expand Mobility Course panel

    We provide a safe environment for patients to gain experience navigating various terrain (i.e., bark chips, sand, gravel, cobblestone and grass) during their treatment to improve their ability to safely make their way across these surfaces when encountering them in their home and in the community.

    Mobility course terrain

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