Driver’s Program

Driver’s Evaluation and Rehabilitation Program

The loss of the ability to drive is often a major obstacle to returning to independent living, enjoying social activities, running errands or returning to employment following an illness or disability.

The Clinical Driving Evaluation and Rehabilitation Program at REHAB at Nuuanu is available to evaluate a person's current driving ability, assess driving potential and often enable the person to return to safe, independent driving. Driver rehabilitation may be beneficial whenever a medical condition causes limited function. REHAB’s primary goal is to enable clients to attain low-risk, independent mobility in the community.

Services are provided by physical and occupational therapists who are trained as driver rehabilitation specialists. These therapists are trained in the evaluation and treatment of visual, physical, sensory and cognitive/perceptual dysfunctions that impair driving. REHAB at Nuuanu offers a Driving Evaluation program, a Driving Rehabilitation program and assistance with Vehicle Modification.

Senior DriveSMART™ Program
REHAB’s DriveSMART™ Program is staffed by a trained team of physical and occupational therapists who fully understand the body AND it’s function.

  • Learn how normal aging impacts driving skills
  • Learn driving techniques to compensate for the impact of aging
  • Understand precautions and risks based on patient’s evaluation
  • A safe and smart driving plan customized for each patient
  • Individual car adjustments to optimally fit each patient
  • Driving aids and tools to make it all easier

Participants must be an active driver with a valid driver’s license with no history of neurological injury in the last 6 months.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 808-544-3310.