Ways of Giving

Cash and Checks – These are the easiest ways to give.

Securities – You may donate stocks and bonds to REHAB Foundation. Gifts of appreciated securities may be transferred to REHAB Foundation to provide tax savings to the donor.

Life Insurance, IRA or Pension Plan – You may name REHAB Foundation as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy, individual retirement account or pension plan. This can provide additional options and tax advantages in estate planning.

Real Estate – An outright gift of real estate may offer you tax benefits while providing you the opportunity to support REHAB’s programs, establish or add to an endowment, or provide funding for capital improvements.

Wills and Bequests – Friends of REHAB often leave bequests to REHAB Foundation by naming a fixed dollar amount, percentage of estate, or specifying gifts of real estate or personal possessions through a will. Donors should consult with their professional advisor for assistance with proper legal documentation.

Charitable Remainder Trust – A charitable remainder trust is an agreement between you and a trustee. You receive annual payments from the trust, and at the end of the trust’s term, REHAB Foundation uses the assets remaining in the trust to support the purpose you designate.

Charitable Gift Annuity – A charitable gift annuity provides you or anyone you designate with a fixed annual income for life in exchange for your contribution of cash, stocks or bonds.

Charitable Lead Trust – A charitable lead trust pays REHAB Foundation an income for a designated period of time. After that time, the trust principal reverts to you or other beneficiaries. With a lead trust, your gift makes a difference now while potentially reducing the cost of transferring assets to your family or another beneficiary.

Retained Life Estate – You can contribute your residence or vacation home to REHAB Foundation and continue to occupy the donated property for life.

Corporate Matching Gifts – You can double your gift to REHAB through your employer’s matching gift program.

Memorial Gifts – Memorial gifts are living tributes made in honor of a deceased friend or loved one.

Honorary Gifts – Honorary gifts are made in honor of a colleague, friend or family member.