Renovating REHAB: 60 Has Never Looked So Good

REHAB started in 1953 as a small department within Kauikeolani Children's Hospital.  It was orginally housed in two Quonset huts in the back portion of the Kuakini Street property. Today, the campus is home to the main hospital and its Nuuanu Clinic.

The hospital is currently going through the biggest renovation in its history. REHAB is rebuilding its facility to be the best resource for the people of Hawaii.  The hospital is poised to handle healthcare challenges in the future.

You can see for yourself just how much the hospital has changed.  We concentrated on renovating the patient care areas first.  Two of the three patient floors are complete, with the last floor slated to open to patients by the end of this year.  Here are a few of the new features:

team shot
Expanded team/nursing stations for staff efficiency.


rehab photos day3 059 edited
Alternating ten feet flooring grades to show therapy progress in patient's mobility. 


activity room lowres
Dedicated family activity rooms.


dining lowres
Dedicated patient dining rooms.


patient room lowres
New semi-private rooms and more private rooms.


therapy gym 4thfloor
Modernized therapy gym and equipment on each patient care floor.


  • The beige color scheme utilized throughout this unit provides a calm, relaxing atmosphere to facilitate healing. 
  • Isolation (infectious disease) Unit with negative air control.
  • Room with ceiling lift with track that runs from bed to bathroom for patients needing additional care.
  • We have also added a Transitional Living Unit to facilitate patient and family transition from hospital setting to more of a home like setting where family member and/or caregiver will be given the opportunity to practice the skills learned in preparation for their return home.
  • All artwork on the floor specially created by REHAB patients recovering from neurological disorders (stroke, brain injury, etc.).
  • All of the materials used  have anti-microbial properties that do not support mold growth (i.e. flooring materials, paint and curtains).

As you can see, this is an extensive renovation.  None of this would be possible without your support.  Thank you for your generous contributions to REHAB.  We hope you take the opportunity to join us in celebrating our 60th Anniversary!