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Anti-Gravity Treadmill Lightens You Up

Do you or someone you know suffer from arthritic pain, poor posture, not being able to get back up from squatting too low, difficulty with walking, struggling on the stairs, falling down and sagging body parts?

REHAB is proud to offer a solution to these problems, except for the sagging body parts, through the Alter-G Antigravity Treadmill.

Alter-G uses air pressure technology created by NASA to decrease a person’s body weight, thus allowing movement that is normally not possible due to the effects of gravity.

How does one defy gravity without taking a trip to the moon?

You wear a pair of fitted neoprene shorts that zips into an inflatable bag attached to the Alter-G frame. Once you’re zipped and sealed in, the push of a button will fill the bag with air below your waste. Alter-G calibrates your weight and you’re ready to go!

Alter-G can be used at full body weight, which would be equivalent to walking on a normal treadmill. The magic happens when you press and hold the button with the minus sign. This causes the bag below your waist to fill with more air and will literally lift you up by the seat of your pants. Your weight can be decreased down to 20%, which is just like walking on the moon!

Decreasing your weight reduces pressure on your joints, which helps if you’re suffering from arthritis or recovering from surgery on your legs. Having less weight to bear also builds your confidence to stand on one leg, encouraging you to take longer strides without the fear of buckling or falling. As you progress, weight can gradually be increased until a full recovery is made.

Gravity defying technology is now available at REHAB for patients who suffer from stroke, Parkinson, arthritis, peripheral neuropathy, joint replacement and weakness associated with age.

For more information on REHAB’s Innovation Center initiatives, call (808) 531-3511.


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